Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy (PEMFT) is a alternative method of rehabilitation for cells and tissues without the use of pharmaceuticals. Thousands of studies around the world have proven the safety and benefits of PEMFT as an alternative application for a multitude of conditions, improved health, and enhanced athletic performance.


This unique form of therapy is registered by the FDA for use in promoting healing of non-union bone fractures as well as easing the pain of migraine headaches and combatting depression. It is in the process of being registered for many other uses including sports injuries.

It can effectively – and safely – be used on humans as well as both large and small animals.


In every cell in the body, the natural movement of ions in and out of the cell membrane creates an electric charge. If the cell is compromised through injury, toxicity, oxygen or nutrient deficiency, the ion movement is altered and the charge of the cell membrane changes. This change in the flow of ions can radically affect the metabolism of a healthy cell and its ability to properly absorb oxygen and nutrients and release waste and toxins. This imbalance then results in energy loss, inflammation, swelling, pain, and in some cases – disease.


The PEMFT device creates a series of safe, gentle magnetic pulses that travel through the attached copper coil to the loop that is in contact with or close to the client. When the loop is placed on or over the body, it causes the natural magnetic properties of the cell bodies to reverse, which results in the cells expanding and contracting. By controlling the charge and movements of the cells, this increases blood flow to the area, and therefore transports an increase of white blood cells and antibodies – key components that are needed to fight infection. In addition, a healthy supply of nutrients and oxygen can be delivered and therefore are more readily available for absorption. Proteins are more efficiently metabolized for use within the cell and surrounding tissue. Damaging toxins and cellular waste are able to exit the cell more easily through the lymphatic (detoxification) system (Dr. William Pawluch, MD, 2016).


Inflammation is a necessary and beneficial process initiated by the body to repair cellular damage in tissues, but it often persists longer than it should, resulting in discomfort and limiting movement. It can sometimes develop into chronic inflammation, which can lead to ongoing tissue damage found in diseases like tendonitis, arthritis or psoriasis. Chronic inflammation has also been linked to cancer and Alzheimer’s disease, among many other conditions. PEMFT has been indicated to reduce chronic, damaging inflammation quickly and for long periods of time.


The other key component in the sensation of pain is the neural pathway from each cell to the brain. The pulsing of electromagnetic fields seem to overload the neural sensory pathways, essentially blocking the signals from reaching the brain. These effects can be immediate and often lasting.


Electromagnetic fields have the ability to increase blood flow without increasing the heartbeat or blood pressure. It does this by dilating and contracting arteries and capillaries. When a cell is injured or ill, it does not hold its ideal electrical charge. This causes cells – i.e. red blood cells – to stick together, reducing circulatory flow. When a magnetic field passes through the cell, the membrane becomes properly charged, allowing it to repel itself and keep separate from other cells. As a result, the cells flow more freely past one another, and there is increased circulation. Blood vessels dilate, increasing the quantity of blood flowing through them and therefore improving the delivery of oxygen to tissues.


Poor circulation makes tissues unhealthy and prone to disease and breakdown. Improved circulation helps tissues receive essential nutrients, as well as remove waste produced inside of each cell. The combination of these processes helps with regeneration and reduces swelling and bruising.


The PEMF device we use is called the Equipulse™, which is produced by the parent company Magnus Magnetica out of Kentucky. This specific piece of equipment has been found to be at the top of its field in terms of usability, durability, and most importantly, effectiveness for the client. It utilizes custom settings, which most other machines do not (others are pre-set and are not adjustable to the specific needs of the client). It is powerful enough to penetrate deeply into the dense muscles of a horse (up to 16 inches), but gentle enough to use on an area that may be too sore to touch or massage.


There are other magnetic field technologies that exist, using the power of magnets to heal and re-strengthen cells. However, the body will slowly adjust to the unchanging direction of the magnetic fields because they are stagnant. With the pulsed type of therapy, the pulses are delivered randomly and inconsistently. This means the body is never able to anticipate when the next pulse is coming, and at first will try to fight this anticipation. After a few minutes the body gives up and relaxes.


*Note: The Equipulse™ device is not a medical device. Stride Therapy cannot diagnose, treat, or cure any disease or condition. We aim to use the natural benefits of pulsed electromagnetic fields to increase positive functions in the body and decrease negative functions in order to make the body more comfortable and its healing and athletic processes more efficient.*


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