The Earth has its own magnetic field that passes through everyone and everything around us constantly. The frequency of this field is very low, similar to the frequency of the magnetic fields produced by Stride Therapy's PEMF device - the EquiPulse®. This means that there are no negative reactions created at the cellular level (including sensitive structures like the brain and eyes), and there have been no negative side effects of PEMFT recorded. PEMFT is non-painful, and no sedation is required.

When a magnetic field is applied to a muscle with a high concentration of compromised cells with the PEMF device, the process can cause the muscle fibres to contract or "twitch." We are careful to begin sessions at extremely low intensity as to not cause a contraction of the already sore or injured muscle that is too strong and which might cause more pain or damage.

There are certain biological processes in the body involved with pain and injury that are beneficial at first, but have detrimental effects if they are long-lasting. One of these natural processes is inflammation. After certain injuries, the body needs to be allowed time to start these important inflammatory processes as to help the area begin to heal. We are careful to not interrupt this crucial time frame and will only begin sessions on injuries after the appropriate amount of time has passed. After the body has had time to start its natural healing process, we can intervene and bring down excessive inflammation that can actually prevent further/quicker healing.

Since PEMFT enables the walls of a cell to become more permeable, there are several things we need to be aware of. PEMFT not only makes it easier for oxygen and nutrients to get into the cells but it also allows toxic agents to get in more readily as well. In all cases, we must make sure that ourselves and our animals are free from things like flyspray/bugspray or liniment. We will not apply PEMFT to any client with an implanted electronic device (i.e. pacemaker) as this could potentially be dangerous if interrupted by magnetic frequencies. Similarly, we ask clients to remove cell phones and digital devices from their person when receiving application of the magnetic field. 

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There is not sufficient research on the effects of magnetic fields during pregnancy, therefore, we will refuse application to any pregnant person or animal. However, because PEMF promotes metabolization, there has been positive results for use of PEMF Therapy in conjunction with antibiotics.