• Each new client begins with a mandatory consultation

  • If the client is a horse or pet, the owner must be in attendance. It is helpful if the animal's trainer and/or main rider attends as well

  • We will meet you at your location of choice - your home, barn, etc.

  • You will receive an information package, which includes a social media release waiver, should you want to be included in any of our promotional materials

  • We will go over any obvious issues you have noticed, recommendations from a doctor/veterinarian, and goals

  • The only time a consultation is not necessary, is in the case of receiving a session as an athletic enhancement at a sporting event

  • The initial consultation is half price of a regular session - but if you wish to have multiple animals done, each following consultation is full price

  • We will begin with going over the entire body with the Equipulse PEMF machine to see which muscles have a higher level of reactivity to the magnetic fields

  • We will end the consultation session with targeted application on the concerning areas. Be advised that the initial session will be shortened as to not overwhelm the tissues with the introduction of the therapy. We will gradually work up over three sessions to the desired application time and strength

  • Should you not wish to continue after the initial session - just contact us! Please keep in mind that multiple sessions are often required to see/feel full results


  • Please be advised that travel fees may apply when the session location is further than 30 minutes from downtown Sudbury ON

  • Contact us to see what fees apply

  • You will receive a discount on travel fees when you buy a package (20%)

  • Travel fees will be subtracted if multiple clients are receiving sessions at the same location


  • Regular appointments can be booked as early as 7 am and as late as 8 pm, as long as the location is within 1 hour of downtown Sudbury, ON

  • If you need to cancel an appointment, 24-hour notice is required

  • Payment for all appointments is required prior to or at the visit. No balances on accounts will be held. If you are unable to make the payment at the appropriate time, you will be charged 20% of the visit fee and the appointment will be rescheduled

  • We DO offer payment plans. We understand that your health and the health of your animals are important, and that life happens. Ask us about our program for weekly payments

  • Some cases benefit from more prompt application than others to have the most successful results

  • We do encourage and sometimes require that you are seen by a doctor or have your pet seen by a veterinarian prior to using PEMF on certain injuries or conditions

  • Please keep in mind that we will use our discretion on a time frame in which certain injuries should receive PEMFT. No fresh lacerations/surgical incisions/actively bleeding areas/broken bones will receive PEMFT within 36 hours or without being seen by a medical professional